Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mission Incredible: How One Manager Used Learning to Do More, Better with Less

The Mission: A technology company has a group of employees who support its global network of third-party developers - the people who create apps and businesses using  the firm’s technology. The pace at which the company releases new features is so fast that the developer relations team, who travel the world giving presentations at conferences and trade shows to evangelize these new capabilities, are challenged to keep up. To become more scalable, the team commits to also deliver presentations on new features via YouTube. The videos are good and the firm’s ability to keep up with its release schedule is significantly improved.
The culture of the organization, however, is such that although “good” is okay, the videos need to be great. In this case “great” means getting all of their videos viewed, remembered and acted on. There is more work to do to empower the team to make stickier videos, ones that third-party developers will watch through to the end so they can leverage the technology to build better apps.
To get to “great”, here’s what the manager did not say at his next team meeting. “Okay, some of our viewers seem to lose interest in your videos and are dropping off before they end. Go make better videos. I will use YouTube analytics to measure success and you will be held accountable. You have three months to improve.” 
Here’s what he did do. We met for thirty minutes over coffee to discuss how Kilyx uses learning as a catalyst for change. Ninety minutes later, we had a clear direction. After six months the manager said, “Kilyx was fantastic to work with and the program strongly exceeded my expectations. What I liked about the Kylix system overall is that everything was very actionable. They went the extra mile to adapt the materials to my team's specific needs and helped embed it into our processes.
“All the participants loved it and the results were truly amazing: we saw a 4X increase in viewer retention on our educational videos [while producing fewer total hours of video]. The best part: the learning has proliferated with all participants now speaking in a common language. Well done!” 
Do you have 30 minutes for a cup of coffee to discover how Kilyx Learning Cohorts can empower you to use learning as a catalyst for change that participants love and that produces measurable results for the sponsors? 

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