Thursday, March 16, 2017

It's Good News Week

Headline: “Scientific Findings that will Obliterate Our Training Tomorrow...Unless We Change.” The article reads, “There are fundamental research and scientific findings in psychology, neuro-biology, media and arts, and information technologies that challenge the essence of the learning and training profession as they stand today. The impacts are now apparent.”

I love the National Enquirer drama, the cloud of armageddon funneling in over the hills, the yellow press “don’t-be-the-last-rat-on-the-Titanic” warning. What’s more, in large part, I think they are right.

My single point of contention is simply this. By narrowing their fear-mongering down to training alone, I think they have understated the coming cataclysm. In the 21st century every professional in every part of an organization contributes to its success - not simply by what they can do, but more importantly, by how they think and what they know. It isn’t just about skills and experience; mindset and continual improvement through learning are at least as important.

In my view the headline should read, “Scientific Findings that will Obliterate Our Jobs, Organizations and Countries Tomorrow...Unless We Change.” The article should continue, “...that challenge the essence of every organization today.”

The good news is, our organizations don’t have to become antiquated...unless we let them.

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